Florida is “special”, and not like royalty or expensive fragile things, it’s more like those people with an Uncle Dad & Aunt Mom… “special” like no other state. It’s the only state to have its own fark tag thanks to how it acts as a magnet for the freakish and bizarre. Everything from hanging, dimpled, and pregnant chads to female teachers sleeping with male students… all the way to dead toddlers stored in the trunk of mommy’s car while she goes out to party are associated with Florida… and that’s before you even add the supernatural elements into the news. If this is what passes for normal in Florida, imagine what’s going on behind the curtain! Despite being fairly well populated these days, Florida is severely lacking in large human cities before the invention of the air conditioner making it a fresh power struggle for the various supernatural groups. No other state can even hope to compare.

Our game is set in the same sort of South Florida you see on TV, where a 1-2+ hour drive between Boca and Miami for some afternoon window shopping, or a spur of the moment daytrip to Disney is a perfectly reasonable thing.


  • Only in Florida…
  • New money, power, & traditions chafe against old ones.
  • Developers, Politicians, & Criminals… Oh My!

Florida goes bump

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